Social Competition

image1 Convened by Vikings Water Polo Club

The Vikings Water Polo Club would like to invite you to join its Social Water Polo competition. The competition is a mixed teams competition that caters for the beginner player, the experienced player returning to the sport or anyone looking for an alternative fitness and social experience.

The emphasis of the competition is on enjoyment, social atmosphere and skill development. While competitiveness is not discouraged, the objective is to encourage participation for all players regardless of their skill level , therefore the ‘win at all costs’ philosophy would not be appropriate.

Who should come and play?

The Competition is open to anyone aged 15 years or over. Players  must not be a current State/Territory or National representative player.


Competition Dates & Time: TBA

Social Water Polo will run on .

Summer Season:



Program Cost:


How to Register:
To register for Social Water Polo you can click here.

Every player must complete a registration form. Players must indicate on the registration form whether they are registering as:

  1. An individual and therefore will be appointed to a team; or
  2. As a team and therefore the team name and contact person will need to be listed.

Social Competition Rules:

For details on competition rules, including competition structure, player eligibility, team registration and game rules click here

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